The art of living & the art of healing.

Expressed on canvas through the eye of an architect.

Esmeralda's artwork has been showcased in various locations including:

Each piece is created to awaken the heart and to make life even more beautiful than the artwork itself.

With every item you buy, I am delighted to share my abundance. 10% of your purchase will go towards a charity that is closely connected to the art piece!

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Shop the new collection of Movements from the heart. The monoprints are created with spontaneous intuitive impulses. To celebrate the art of living. Feel, dance, and celebrate. Dancing monoprint expressions through the eye of an architect. A collection emerged and formed in the NDSM art city Amsterdam.

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Meet Esmeralda

Based in Amsterdam, Esmeralda is a intuitive and mindful artist.

"My art pieces are created from the heart for the heart. To celebrate the art of living and the art of healing. The heart that wonders and the heart that embraces. From the joy and delight of life in the here and now to the deepest emotional wound within us.

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  • Thom Oosterhof, Curator

    "Having been lucky enough to work with Esmeralda on one of her shows with the Rietveld Academie, Esmeralda has an infectious energy and an incredible creative perspective. Through channeling multiple art forms, dance and painting, her practice is multidimensional and thus can tell her story and give her perspective in ways other artists cannot."

  • Jasna Ivankovic, Customer

    "Meeting the artwork I bought from Esmeralda was like an “Instant Connection”. As if we chose each other at the moment of meeting. That day at the Vitamin D exposition, I approached Esmeralda to ask if her work of art could be sold. I am so incredibly happy and grateful that she wanted to pass these works of art on to me.
    Creating from the heart and intuition is how I experience Esmeralda as an artist and how I experience her art."

  • Ester Eva Damen, Art director

    Esmeralda Mlihi Terraneo has undergone a major development in the search for her intuition and the use of very diverse media during her residency at the NDSM of the La Jetée Foundation. She connects her background in architecture with her love of dance, putting structure against free movement.